IP Network Intercom Master Station

Model: SA-2058NM
※ The IP network intercom station is the head of IP network intercom & PA paging system
※ Individual zone, group zones, selected zones and all zones different paging modes.
※ Max support 300 call stations working at the same time.
※ Built-in LCD in English display status, power and zone selection.
※ Built-in microphone, monitor speaker for two way intercom use.
※ With eight zone selector, microphone on and number buttons.
※ With nine levels of priority.
※ Start time less than 0.1 second.
※ With one aux input and one aux output for external active speaker for monitor use.
※ It is powered by DC9V, the power adapter is included.
※ Support LAN/WAN and Internet network.
※ Network data delay of less than 100 milliseconds.